TVET in the Time of COVID-19 and After

  • Shyamal Majumdar, PhD
Keywords: COVID-19, TVET, Mitigation, Emergency


The threat of a global health pandemic called COVID-19 has affected the health of hundreds of thousands of people, claimed lives in many parts of the world, disrupted learning and training, has threatened ( and continues to do so) economies and pushing many on the brink of recession. However, it has also pushed individuals and units in the public governance, business, education and communities to think out of the box. Governments are deploying strategies and approaches that had never been done before to overcome the crisis. The response in TVET that we see today represents the approaches and solutions that correspond to the preparedness of countries, businesses and communities to tackle the issue in different fronts. The paper makes a reflection of the ongoing impact of the global disruption such as COVID 19 on education, training and employment. It further makes a practical assessment of the different levels of response of TVET systems and institutions and the potential that TVET has to further develop its response to the challenges according to the different levels of technical competence possess by institutions. The paper concludes with a set of recommendations to advance the debate.

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