Adoption of Grid Computing Application in Referral Hospitals in Kenya: The Case of Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital

  • Anither J Rotich Rift Valley Technical Training Institute
  • David Gichoya, PhD Moi University
  • Daniel C Rotich, PhD Moi University
Keywords: ICT resources, Grid Computing, Grid Computing Application


Information Communication Technology (ICT) is a major sector in the realization of Kenyan’s vision 2030. Most organizations have embraced the use of ICTs and are looking forward to adopting the upcoming technologies not only to be at per with the changing world, but also to enhance the achievement of their goals. This paper discusses the benefits of grid computing as one of the emerging technologies which allows sharing of ICT resources in a networked environment. The specific objectives for this research were to identify the ICT tools and equipment used in hospitals, establish the challenges faced by referral hospitals in optimizing the use of ICTs and to establish the suitability of implementing grid computing in hospitals. Since most referral hospitals in Kenya are public institution and are non-profit making organizations, they depend on government grants to carry out their operations. Thus adoption of grid computing will help them optimize the use of their available ICT resources. This research adopted a case study research design where data was collected from key employees at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital - six heads of departments and twelve ICT specialists. Purposive sampling technique was used to determine the respondents who were interviewed. The data was qualitatively analyzed to identify the challenges faced by the hospital and to examine the need of implementing grid computing in referral hospitals. A proposal of implementing grid computing in referral hospitals in Kenya to optimize the utilization of ICT resources is made.

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