Influence of Green Human Resources Management Practices on Greening TVET

A Case of Shamberere Technical Training Institute

  • Gerishom Wafula Manase Shamberere Technical Training Institute, Kenya
  • Marren Omondi Shamberere Technical Training Institute, Kenya
Keywords: Green human resources management, TVET


Green management has never been this important in the past as is now seen in the inspired, empowered and green aware employees. Greening TVET requires the cooperation of the top skilled management employees along with programmes that have a great significant on the management. The need for the integration of greening into TVET personnel cannot be over emphasized. The paper wanted to establish the how Green Human Resources Management if Practiced can affect greening in Shamberere Technical Training Institute (STTI). Green personnel theories and models were used to show the importance of green personnel concerns that will impact on greening and to understand the unique features of personnel managers, decisions and behaviours which are central to green personnel. The study specifically looked at the effects of selected Green Human Resources Management Practices and how they influence the overall greening TVET institutions. The study employed a descriptive research design specifically for a case study of STTI . The target population was 100 employees of STTI from which a census of 100 employees was used. The data was gathered using a questionnaire as the research instrument, and descriptive and inferential analysis was used to analyze data. This was presented using frequency distribution tables and figures. The respondents’ indicated that job application at STTI was not in any way based on green issues (mean 2.31, disagreed 52.5%). Greening was not adequately included in performance management and appraisal systems (mean 3.31). There were advantages of adhering to performance management system in green/greening goals (mean 3.93). The institute empowers and encourages the employees to make suggestions and contributions on environmental improvement (46.3%). Many respondents were aware of Greening and National Environmental Management Authority policies and regulations compared to Green Personnel. Given the limited number of responds, further research is necessary to verify the results. To develop staff for greening and management, widespread use of environmental training, developing greening based knowledge and developing greening managers and future leaders should be applied in the TVET system.

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